Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Watching - as clouds clear
Encountering - skies bright
Surrendering to Heavenly Light
Empowered with passion
Listening with attentive ears
Knowing - You are there
Speaking clear
Promising visions line the way
Encompassing - magnificent ways in play
Humbly - realizing the power above
Amazement at phenomenal love
Dancing in unison
Experiencing - the Creator of all
Realizing the intense power of the call
Anticipating heartbeat
Dancing inside
Passionately watching
Spirit worlds collide

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guiding Light

Traveling in darkness,
The road is dimly lit.
It is a road less traveled
led to and from by Him.
Fear may fleetingly come
but with faith it will surely go.
I know the road is sure,
more perfect than I know.
As the darkness is confusing,
I stand with love and awe,
With faith my Daddy is leading
me down this long dark hall.
What I thought was a road is inside,
the walls absorb the echoing call.
At the end there is a light,
it can’t be seen by all.
A road is wide and traveled.
The hall is thin and small.
My call is to walk by faith alone,
His hands guiding me through it all.
The light is bright and brilliant,
hope is lingering with emotions raw.
Darkness’s end will soon be here.
Help me learn more about your call.
Teach me to grow without fear.
You see, I long for more of You
not giving up with weakness
instead pressing to see it through.
I now see the light in the darkness
better than before.
Your plan is changing my heart,
my will,
encompassing my core.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Revelation Desire

Lead me oh Lord,
it is your will I seek.
I desire to serve you
and not grow weak.
My passion, my heart
is to love you more each day
to share you with others
is there another way?
Hold my hand in this time.
I need your plans reveal.
I’m searching and longing,
please no longer conceal.
I’m desperate to hear you
directly in this.
Have mercy and grace
direct revelation I miss.
We so openly talk
back and forth
you and me
Humbly, I’m down
on one knee.